Contains mastic (oral care supplement)

Carbonated oral care

“Carbon Pack” Dental Spa is a carbonated foam that dissolves quickly in your mouth.


    • Get up in the morning before breakfast
    • Are on the go
    • Unable to brush their teeth
    • Feel dryness in their mouth
    • Need to brush their teeth during a disaster
    • Are travelling
    • Are worried about the dirt on their tongue
    • Are anxious about the smell of their mouth
  • 1. Unseal the bag and put all the granules in the mouth.

    2. Dissolve with saliva only and leave for 1 to 2 minutes.
    (The granules react with saliva and the mouth fills with bubbles.)

    3. Then exhale or swallow it from your mouth.
    (This product is food, so you can eat it.)

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