SHA Shampoo

  • < For Healthy Scalp >

    SHA Shampoo uses a combination of amino acids and succinic acid.

    ・ The amino acid cleansing component (Cocoyl Glutamic Acid) gently washes damaged hair for a moist texture.

    ・ Succinic acid cleanses the scalp firmly and refreshingly, leaving the scalp refreshed, while the hair is moist.

    What's more, we carefully select ingredients that are highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly even after being washed away.


    Hair growth effect

    SHA Shampoo contains Glucosyl Hesperidin.

    ・ Vitamin P, a Polyphenol extracted from citrus fruits skin such as mandarin oranges, combined with sugar (Glucose), promote blood circulation of the scalp, prevent oxidation and make the skin soft and elastic, leading to healthy hair.


    Promote Healthy scalp

    SHA Shampoo contains 9 types of herbal extracts.

    ・ The synergistic effect of multiple herbal extracts moisturizes the scalp and hair, tightens the scalp and reduces dandruff and itchiness. The hair growth effect has been verified.


    <For Damaged Hair >

    ☆ Lipidure (Polyctanium 61) was adopted to achieve silky hair.

    Excellent in moisturization and moisture retention, 3.5 times that of hyaluronic acid!

    It is also effective in preventing hair discoloration.

    ☆ Hair protection and repair effect

    Moisture retention effect gives a moist feeling, making your hair look fresh and healthy.