200 ml

SHA Treatment

  • < For Healthy Scalp >

    ☆ Key ingredients

    Oils derived from organic palm and the combination of natural oils - olive oil, safflower oil, camellia oil and castor oil - give natural moisture and softens the scalp.

    Just like SHA Shampoo, we carefully select ingredients that are highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly even after being rinsed away.


    Hair growth effect

    - Lipaside C8G (Caproyl Glycine)

    controls sebum secretion and dandruff, and also helps reduce "5α-reductase" that causes hair loss.

    - Pesticide-free aloe vera juice

    promotes blood circulation, activates hair matrix cells, regulates sebum secretion, and brings the scalp to a good condition.


    Promote healthy scalp

    SHA Treatment contains 9 types of herbal extracts. The synergistic effect of multiple herbal extracts moisturizes the scalp and hair, tightens the scalp and reduces dandruff and itchiness. The hair growth effect has also been verified. It contains the same botanical extract as SHA Shampoo, and it will be even more effective when used together.



    < For Healthy Hair >

    Four kinds of natural oils give hair natural moisture without using silicone.

    ☆ For stiff hair, the moisturizing power of collagen gives softness

    ☆ For fine hair, it gives elasticity with the supplementary effect of keratin

    ☆ For damaged hair, the surface protection of chitosan derived from crab shells gives a natural shine


    And more! New ingredients further promotes hair protection and repair.

    The two new ingredients are active and penetrate into the hair in a short treatment time, coat the surface of the hair, and repair hair damage from the inside and out.


    Pericea (Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine)

    Pericea is a safe and highly functional cosmetic ingredient made from natural fatty acids and amino acids such as Glutamic Acid and Lysine.

    Since this ingredient is similar to the hair constituents, it has a very high affinity and firmly fills the damaged part and remains deeply inside the hair even after rinsing with warm water. Pericea penetrates into the hair in about 1 minute. It restores the strength and moisture of the hair to a healthy state, and also restores the thickness of the damaged thinned hair, giving the hair firmness and elasticity. It also coats the hair surface to protect the cuticle and improve the smoothness.


    Vegetamide 18MEA-R(Hydrolyzed Rice Protein)

    A plant-derived hair conditioning ingredient developed by focusing on the hair surface structure. The F-Layer (barrier structure on the cuticle surface) lost due to damage can be repaired intensively by the similar component, Vegetamide, to restore the hair surface to a healthy state. Regain fresh healthy hair!