The ultimate leave-in conditioner

This new innovative leave-in conditioner contains treatments with carbon dioxide that allow you to repair hair. The blending ratio of carbon dioxide (propellant) is 17,000 ppm.


  • Taking advantage of the individuality of each person's hair, it is a non-washing treatment with a soft and fresh texture. You can use it for any hair, whether it is hard, soft or damage.

    A hair care item that protects your hair from damage caused by drying, UV rays and brushing your hair.

    It can be used for wet or dry hair. It is very convenient because you can treat it anytime and anywhere in a short time.

  • Sparkling Beauty Hair is a leave-in conditioner that contains carbon dioxide. It can be used for wet or dry hair.

    Without shaking the container, be sure to spread it in the palm of your hand in an upward position and let it blend in with your hair. If it is used sideways or downward, only gas may come out and it can not be used until the end.

    After towel drying, spread an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, pass the hair from the middle of the hair to the end of the hair and let it blend. Please layer on areas where damage is an issue. After blending in the hair, brush and dry with a dryer.

    If you are concerned about having a small amount of hair or no volume, please apply sparkling beauty hair from the middle to the tip of the hair without putting too much at the base. If you are concerned about the amount of hair and the volume, it is recommended to put it on the whole head. Add extra hair tips, especially if the hair tips are tacky.

    It keeps the hair without greasy, it can run its finger through its hair, you can use it as a styling.