The Sparkling Spa Shower has proven to be successful in the international beauty industry, particularly in Japan.


Renowned for its ability to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss, it also calms and relaxes the scalp to provide a stress-free feeling.


It contains 8690 ppm of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) together with starfruit, ginseng and longan.


These natural ingredients together with CO2 have many benefits to our scalp.

- Eradicates sebum, clogged oil, hair dust and chemical residue to free blocked hair follicles

- Strengthen the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss

- Improves blood circulation in your scalp to activate skin cell regeneration

- Works synergistically with Sparkling Scalp DR for a more healthy and voluminous hair


    • Those who are concerned about the dryness of the scalp
    • Those with dandruff
    • Those who are concerned about hair loss
    • Those who have itching
    • Those with poor blood flow
  • 1.Shake canister before application.

    2.Turn the canister upside down and pump (2 seconds) directly on multiple areas of your scalp which lack hair growth.
    3.Use your hands to press and massage it against your scalp.
    4.Notice the bubbly effects from the CO2.
    5.Apply every night on clean scalp before bedtime.
    6.The substance from this product does not need to be washed off as it will gradually be absorbed into your scalp.